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Methi Mushroom Pulao

Methi Mushroom Pulao

The last two weeks have been absolutely relaxing. We were on a vacation to Thailand. This was my first trip there and OMG… the place was sooo.. beautiful.

I always loved Thai food and had my heart’s content there from when we landed. But my husband, started missing our food. The minute we landed back home, all he wanted was a proper spicy home cooked meal.

So after 2 weeks I’m back to the kitchen, making a spicy home cooked meal for the family. We had methi mushroom pulao, kheema mutter, lacha parata, onion and tomato raitha and the must have curd rice with pickle.

Now for the methi mushroom pulao…



Basmati rice                                                                        –              2 cups

Onions (sliced)                                                                    –              2 nos

Mushrooms (sliced)                                                             –              6-8 nos

Ginger-garlic paste                                                              –              1 tbsp

Green chillies (slit lengthwise)                                              –              4-5 nos

Methi (chopped finely)                                                          –              1 cup

Yoghurt                                                                               –              ¼ cup

Mint leaves                                                                          –              ¼ cup

Cilantro                                                                               –              for garnishing

Cloves                                                                                 –              4-5 nos

Cinnamon stick                                                                   –              1” piece

Bay leaves                                                                          –              2-3 nos

Turmeric powder                                                                  –              ½ tsp

Chilli powder                                                                       –              1 tsp

Garam masala powder                                                         –              ½ tsp

Salt to taste



Wash and soak the basmati rice in fresh water.

In a large cooking vessel, heat a tablespoon or two with oil.

When it’s hot, add the whole garam masalas i.e. the cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves.

Now, add the sliced onions and sauté. Sauté till the onions turn slightly brown in color.

Add the ginger-garlic paste and sauté till the raw smell of the paste is gone.

Add the sliced mushrooms and the green chillies.

Also add the chopped methi leaves and sauté.


Add the turmeric powder, garam masala powder, chilli powder and sauté.

Once they are done add the yoghurt and mint leaves and mix well with the masalas to prevent them from burning.

When the yoghurt starts leaving oil from the sides,  add the washed and drained rice alone and add 3 cups of fresh water

Season with salt and cover and cook on low heat till all the water has evaporated and the rice is cooked.

Garnish with deep-fried onions and cilantro.

Serve hot with raitha.





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