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Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

Bored with the same salads everyday…try the mango salsa. Mango season is here, so why not try out different dishes with it. This is an absolute must try, especially for the Indian palate. It is sweet, spicy, tangy everything together at the same time. The mouth explodes with the different flavours.

The mango salsa can also be served with chicken kebab and fish.

IMG_4567           IMG_4575



Mango cut into cubes                                                        –              1 cup

Small red onion                                                                    –              1 no

Cherry tomatoes                                                                 –              4-5 nos (remove seeds, if any)

Lemon juice                                                                           –              1 no

Mint and cilantro leaves                                                   –              ¼ cup

Ginger (grated)                                                                    –              1 tsp

Red chilli powder                                                                 –              ¼ tsp

Salt                                                                                             –               1/4 tsp

Honey if your mangoes are not very sweet             –              1 tsp


In a large mixing bowl, cube the mangoes and add them. Dice the onions and tomatoes into very small pieces and add them also into the bowl. Pour the juice of one lime/ lemon into the bowl along with the cilantro and mint leaves. Finally add the chilli powder, salt and honey(if using) into the bowl and mix well. Leave it in the refrigerator for it to get cooled.

IMG_4586  IMG_4580

Serve cold!! ENJOY!!!


If you are serving this with chicken or fish, you need not have to cool it. It can be served immdly.


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Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One thing I hate during summer is to have oily spicy food. Being a south Indian, can’t avoid the oil and spice totally but I try to have a lot of light and refreshing food, whenever I can. The Vietnamese spring roll is one such dish, absolutely refreshing. The rolls are crunchy and crisp with the fresh vegetables and the dipping sauce, though spicy gives it the zing. The original version of the dipping sauce has fish sauce, but since I am allergic to sea-food had to make mine with light soy.


Ingredients for the Dipping sauce:

Garlic flakes                                                           –              2 nos

Small red chilli

(de-seed if u don’t want it spicy)                  –              2 nos

Ginger (finely chopped)                                   –              1 tbsp

Sugar (brown)                                                      –              1 tsp

Light soya sauce                                                   –              2 tbsps

Lime juice                                                               –              1 no


In a mortar and pestle, crush all the ingredients together or blitz everything together in a blender. Not very smooth but just pulse, till everything is combined and pour into a serving dish. Taste and season accordingly. No need for salt as the soya sauce substitutes the salt. Make sure to make the dipping sauce before the rolls as it gives enough time for the garlic and chillies to flavour the soy.


Ingredients for the Spring Roll:

Rice paper sheets                                              –              1 for each roll

Rice vermicelli                                                  –              100 gms

Carrots (Julienne)                                             –              1 no

Cucumber (Julienne)                                       –              1-2 nos

Cilantro leaves/ chives/bean sprouts         –              50 gms

Mint leaves                                                            –              a handful

Iceberg lettuce or Romain lettuce               –              2-3 lettuce leaves

Any cooked non-vegetarian, should be dry and sliced.

IMG_4563  IMG_4564


Prepare the vegetables by making  juliennes out of the carrots and cucumber. Tear the lettuce into small pieces. Soak the rice vermicelli in hot water and keep ready.

When everything is ready, soak the rice paper in warm water for 5 mins. The whole sheet has to be submerged in the water. Be careful while handling the sheet, as they tear easily.

Remove from the water and place the sheet on a clean tea towel. Now place the mint leaves near one end of the rice sheet(end closest to you, as it’s easy for rolling later). Arrange the lettuce on top of them followed by the non-vegetarian (if adding) and a few juliennes of carrots and cucumber. Make sure not to overload the roll, as it would be difficult to roll it. Finally add the cilantro, bean sprout and chives mixture.  Now start closing the roll tightly, when your half way fold the open ends of the rice paper in and over the filling, so that its closed from all sides. Keep rolling tightly until the whole sheet is rolled.

To serve, cut the roll on a diagonal and serve with the dipping sauce.

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Taco Salad Cups

Taco Salad Cups

The taco salad cups are one way of makings the kids have some veges as well as finishing the left-over chicken or falafels. I have to admit, these taco cups were made because I had some left over falafels from yesterday. But, they were tasty and with the fresh salad, no-one noticed the left-overs.



Tortilla wraps                                                                                        –              4-5 nos(depending on how many u want)

Mixed salad leaves                                                                             –              2 cups

Onions                                                                                                     –               1 thinly sliced

Cherry tomatoes(cut into quarters)                                           –              6-8 nos

Any filling of ur choice(Grilled chicken/beans/falafel)

Mayonaise                                                                                             –              2-3 tsps

Lemon juice                                                                                           –              ½ nos

Mustard                                                                                                  –              ½ tsp

Olive oil                                                                                                   –              1 tbsp

Salt                                                                                                            –              to taste

Pepper                                                                                                    –              to taste


Wash and clean the salad leaves. Make a dressing with olive oil, salt, pepper and mustard.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters or halves.


To make the taco cups:

Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees. Grease the muffin tray with oil and push the tortilla wrap into each leaving the centre empty and folding the over lapping edges. Bake in the oven for 8-10 mins till the wraps start browning.

Allow them to cool.

Make the salad just before serving. Toss the salad leaves, onions and tomatoes with the dressing and place inside the cups. Top the cups with your desired filling(grilled chicken/beans/falafel etc). Mix the lemon juice with the mayonnaise to a smooth mixture. Drizzle the mayo over the taco cups and decorate with cheese(if u want).

Serve the taco salad cups, fresh and healthy.


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