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Meen Moilee

Meen Moilee

It’s not very often that I make fish, But I have to as both my children love it. I normally fry the fish with some masala but wanted to make something different for them this time and thought the meen moilee would be good.

This fish curry is a light, mildly flavored with a rich taste of coconut milk. I used King fish for the curry but any fish which is firm can be used. And again cloves, I used them just for a mild flavor and smell, it dint seem much but again use it if you want.

It was a hit with my children, try it, you will like it too…



King Fish/ Black Pomfret or any firm fish of your choice                                          –              500 gms

Onion(sliced thin)                                                                                                  –              1-2 nos

Tomato(sliced thin)                                                                                                –              1 no

Ginger(juliennes)                                                                                                  –              1” piece

Black pepper powder                                                                                              –              1 tsp

Green chillies(slit lengthwise)                                                                                  –              2-3 nos

Mustard seeds                                                                                                       –              1 tsp

Cloves                                                                                                                   –              3-4 nos

Curry leaves                                                                                                           –              2-3 sprigs

Coconut milk(thin)                                                                                                  –              1 1/2 cups

Coconut milk(thick extract)                                                                                     –              ½ cup

Lemon juice                                                                                                           –              1 tbsp


For marination:

Turmeric powder                                                                                                              –              1 tsp

Lemon juice                                                                                                                    –              1 tsp

Salt to taste



Clean and wash the fish and marinate it with the turmeric powder, lemon juice and keep aside.

Heat a pan with oil (you can use coconut oil if preferred, I used sunflower oil).

When the oil is hot, add the cloves and mustard seeds and wait for them to sputter.

When they sputter, add the sliced onions and sauté till it changed color.

Add the curry leaves, green chillies and sauté for a minute.

Add the tomatoes and sauté for just a minute and add the crushed pepper powder.

Do not let the tomatoes soften.


Now, add the thin coconut extract and season with salt.

Keep the heat on low to medium.

When it comes to a slight boil, add the marinated fish and cover and cook.

When the fish is almost done, add the first extract and cook for a minute or two.

Remove from the heat and add the lemon juice.

(Do not stir the curry or the fish may break, just give the pan a shake to make sure the fish are not sticking at the bottom.)

Serve hot with plain rice or aapam.




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