Watermelon and Mint Granita

13 Aug
Watermelon and Mint Granita

It’s been long since I made a refreshing drink. When I was in India last month, it was nice and raining.. so, the palate wanted hot and crispy stuff.

Now, in Dubai.. it’s hottt… and now the palate wants cold and refreshing drinks and food.

What better way than to have a granita. A granita is nothing but the juice of a fruit, frozen and then scraped well to form ice crystals. The crystals can be very refreshing when had cold on a hot day.

I love the watermelon granita with a few mint leaves in it. It absolutely refreshing….



Watermelon (cubed)                                                                   –              3-4 cups

Sugar                                                                                        –              ¼ cup

Mint leaves (chopped finely)                                                        –              5-6 nos

Lemon juice                                                                               –              1 tbsp



Blend the watermelon cubes, sugar and lemon juice in a blender.

Blend well and strain the juice.

Mix in the finely chopped mint leaves to the juice and pour the juice into a metal cake tin and freeze.

After an hour of freezing, remove and scrape the frozen juice with a fork and re-freeze.

Do this again after an hour.

The granita should have a grainy consistency, so before serving, make sure to scrape the frozen crystals again with a fork and serve garnished with mint.

Serve cold.



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