Mango-Vanilla Yogurt Panna-cotta

08 Jun
Mango-Vanilla Yogurt Panna-cotta

Now since it is the mango season, you can try a lot of different things with the mangoes- One of them being the panna-cotta. (Fancy name for cream and gelatin). In-case you don’t want to use gelatin, you could also try the same with china grass. You would get the same results. This desert is soo light  and airy and feels like heaven when u have it.

The puree I used for the mango panna-cotta are the alphanso mangoes. They were so sweet so I actually dint have to add much sugar. Adjust your sugar quantity depending on how sweet your mangoes are and how sweet you want your desert to taste.


 Ingredients For the Mango Layer:

Mango puree                                                                    –              1 cup

Heavy cream                                                                      –              1 ½ cups

Sugar                                                                                     –              4 tbsps

Gelatin                                                                                 –              2 sheets(3 tbsps)

Water (cold)


Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 mins or till they get soft.

In a pan heat sugar and cream. Do not let the mixture boil, just let it warm for the sugar to dissolve.

Remove the sugar and cream mixture from heat and add the soft gelatin after squeezing out the water completely. Mix the gelatin into the cream mixture completely.

Allow the mixture to cool down completely and then add the mango puree to the cream mixture and mix very well.

Pour the mango cream mixture into serving glasses and let it set in the refrigerator.

If you want to give the mango a slanting effect, place the glasses in a muffin tray with a slight slant. Make sure they balance well. Once they are balanced with a slight slant, pour the mango mixture into the glasses, to set.


 Ingredients for the vanilla yogurt panna-cotta:

Thick yogurt(greek or hung)                                                     –              1½ cup

Heavy cream                                                                                      –              1 ½ cups

Vanilla extract                                                                                   –              1 tsp

Sugar                                                                                                     –              6-7 tbsps

Gelatin                                                                                                 –              2 sheets(3tbsps)


Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for them to get soft.

Whisk yogurt and cream together until very smooth and no lumps are present.

Heat the cream, sugar and vanilla essence in a small pan. Do not let the mixture boil, just warm the cream till the sugar melts.

Remove from heat, add gelatin after squeezing out all the water and stir until all the gelatin has dissolved completely        .

Cool the mixture completely. Now, add  the yogurt mixture to the cream gelatin mixture and mix very well. No lumps should be present.

Pour this mixture over the already set mango layer and refrigerate again.

Your mango-vanilla yogurt pannacotta is now ready and can be served with cubes of mango or mango puree on top.




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